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Clinical Trials & Mal

    Lachmann Insurance operates in the field of clinical (medical) liability insurance, offering bio-technology, medical equipment and drugs developing companies a strong cover, thus granting them the freedom to hold clinical trials and Para-medical developments. The covers are individually created, and are part of the implementation of complex insurance policies.

    As part of our activities, we specialize in offering the following Insurance Covers, tailored to the needs and requirements of Biotechnology, medical companies and other players in the corporate industry:

    Clinical Trials Insurance 

    We offer Biotechnology, medical equipment, drug developers other players in the paramedical industry a strong and reliable cover, thus granting them the liberty to hold clinical trials and undergo additional paramedical development endeavors, without exposing themselves to direct and third party risks. 

    Such insurance, also called No Fault Compensation Insurance Scheme for Clinical Trials, fully affected at Lloyd's of London, is mandatory for companies dealing with human volunteers as part of their clinical trials. The insurance grants compensation to patients or healthy volunteers adversely affected by reason of their involvement in clinical trials or volunteer studies, through a simple procedure and without the need to prove negligence. 

    Such a risk minimizer is crucial to Biotechnology companies, Pharmaceuticals and Venture Capital firms, enabling them to comply with ethics committees, relevant legislation and contractual obligations.

    You are welcome to view our Clinical Trials brochure for further information regarding the compensation, premium, qualifications and other aspects of the policy:  Press here to download Adobe PDF brochure

    Medical Negligence Insurance

    Medical Negligence or Malpractice Insurance covers doctors and other professionals in the medical field for liability claims arising from their treatment of patients.
    We at Lachmann Insurance supply customized solutions to medical and other professionals who are exposed to both direct and indirect liabilities in the functions they fill.

    Injuries sustained during medical treatment are commonly referred to as ‘adverse outcomes’. A medical practitioner is liable for adverse outcomes caused by his or her negligence. Professional indemnity insurance is a form of insurance that indemnifies the insured against the consequences of a breach of professional duty, particularly, negligence.

    A person who suffers an adverse outcome caused by negligence may take proceedings against a medical practitioner (or other health professional) who has been negligent and/or a health care institution if the treatment was given within a health care institution. A health care institution can be sued either because it has been negligent, or because it is vicariously liable for the negligent acts of its employees. Who an injured person should sue will depend on several factors including whether the negligence was caused by a practitioner, or by an institution, the employment status of the medical practitioner, and which of the potential defendants is best able to pay the compensation sought.
    Today - more than ever - physicians cannot afford to be wrong in selecting a professional liability carrier to protect them against allegations of medical malpractice.  Lachmann Insurance offers premium Medical Negligence or Malpractice Insurance, fully affected at Lloyd's of London and customized to your specific needs and requirements, which is designed to reduce the risks involved in potential malpractice cases. 


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