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Keyman insurance

The basic principle of Keyman Insurance is to protect the Company against the financial loss which would be inflicted upon it in the event that one or more of its key executives should die or become permanently totally disabled following an accident.

A Company is especially at risk if the majority of its business is controlled/produced by one or two executives.

The Company can protect itself financially to offset any number of economic hardships which might befall it by the loss of a main business producing executive. The main areas a Company would suffer in such an event are:

Personal accidents 

We provided a broad coverage to all personal accidents at:

1. Those who travel frequently or work in areas, eg. Africa, Iraq, The Former Soviet Republic, etc.
2. Loss of income to those who practice sport, either professionally or otherwise, we provide tailor made coverage to individuals or sport teams, with temporary or permanent disability and loss of income.   

Property insurance

Is an area we can assist.

Motor vehical insurance

Is an area in which we also specialize.

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