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Product Liability & P

    Lachmann Insurance has specialized experience in offering the tailored Insurance Covers to the needs and requirements of various corporations in the field of product liablity and professional indemnity, to directors and managers in leading organizations, all part of the outstanding covers we have obtain at Lloyd's of London, of which we market in Israel and globally.
    Our most common clients come from the Israeli High-Tech industry, Software & Program Development companies and other players in this modern fast-changing corporate industry, as well as others who deal with Patents, Intellectual Property and other chores which deamand liability.

    Product Liability Insurance
    We supply insurance cover to businesses, hence protecting them against any compensation awarded as a result of damage or injury caused by their products, including unforeseen circumstances.

    Intellectual Property Insurance
    We provide intellectual property (IP) policies which cover litigation expenses incurred in enforcing or defending the insured IP against infringement.

    Directors' & Officers' Liability
    We maintain designated insurance for directors' and officers' covering for responsibilities these might be held for, including health and safety, data protection, maintaining satisfactory accounts, fraud and negligence.

    Professional Indemnity Insurance
    We offer professionals in the business of selling their knowledge or skills an outstanding cover which protects against compensation sought by a client due to mistakes or negligence, including legal costs.

    Personal Accidents Insurance
    In the emerging field of Personal Accidents, we at Lachmann Insurance have gained specialized experience in creating wide ray of covers for individuals who perform unordinary activities.  As part of the nature of this business, it entails unique requirements, in a extraordinary environment.  Such Insurance requires great deal of professionalism, custom fitting each and every Insurance Policy to the special needs of the clients. 

    Our activities in the filed of Personal Accidents Insurance includes: mine clearing, marine and naval works, hot-air balloons and other special aviation, athletes and sport professionals insurance, and key persons in corporations responsible for unique chores.  With the backing of our well trusted brokers at Lloyd's of London, we have gained clients in remote locations in Africa, Asia (Middle East and Far East), along with locally in Israel. 



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